Philipp Bozzini
1773 - 1809

Philipp Bozzini, born in Frankfurt, Germany on May 25, 1773, went to school in Mainz where he began to study medicine. In 1794 he went to the University of Jena in Germany and eventually returned to Mainz where he received his doctorate in 1796. Bozzini was admitted as an "assessor" to the Faculty of Medicine, and received his license to practice medicine in Mainz two months later.

Bozzini served as medical officer in the imperial field army of Austria and by 1797 was a regimental medical officer and in charge of a field hospital with 120 beds in Mainz. After the conquest ended he worked as a private physician, but treaty changes in Mainz caused him to lose his extended practice. In May 1803, the city council of Frankfurt gave him citizenship and admitted him into the number of practicing physicians.

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