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What is a Hometown Hero?
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What is a Hometown Hero?

Richard A. Memo, MD

Hometown Heroes showcases the contributions and experiences, both medical and non-medical, of unique urological professionals.

One of the pleasures of talking with urologists is discovering how they found their way into urology and how they spend their time away from practice.

Inspired by a meeting with a retired urologist in his own hometown, Richard Memo (North Central Section; AUA Treasurer, 2009-2013) decided there had to be a way to honor urologists who work every day in their communities. Some have overcome great obstacles to practice a specialty they love; others give back to their communities and profession in numerous ways. All have stories worth preserving.

This urologist would be an inspiration to anyone. Contracting polio while in medical school, he persevered, spending his entire medical career in a wheelchair. An accomplished musician, he loved his profession while living life to its fullest. While chatting with this wonderful man, Dr. Memo resolved not to let such stories be lost.

The AUA and the Didusch Museum is committed to preserving the stories of our colleagues. These stories-perhaps about sports, art, music, service to their country or international adventures (to name a few examples) – will chronicle the passion that urologists have channeled to enrich their lives and those around them.

In developing a repository to save these stories of unique urologists, Hometown Heroes will also serve as a platform to share this information that would not have a national audience otherwise. And the archives will preserve these stories for future generations.

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