AUA Summit - The Scope of Urology Newsletter - Spring 2020

The Scope of Urology Newsletter - Spring 2020


Battlefield Urology in 2021

To the list of so many things that COVID-19 has put on hold, we add the display of the AUA History Exhibit: Battlefield Urology. The battlefield has been a place of tremendous medical and surgical learning and progress over the generations. Many current urological interventions were developed and refined in the laboratory of war.

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Mengele’s Medical Experiments

Josef Mengele, who came to be known as the Angel of Death, directed a special group of Auschwitz arrivals, primarily twin children, to well-supplied barracks where they became involuntary guinea pigs for grisly and often fatal surgical experiments in Mengele’s pseudoscientific quest to uncover the secrets of genetics.

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Saint Corona

In these times of the pandemic SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19), people may invoke the name of St. Corona, sometimes connected with pestilences and plagues of our ancestors. Patron saints of many medical ailments, illnesses, and dangers appear in Roman Catholic culture. In urology some wards of European urology departments are named after St. Liborius of Le Mans against colic (stone disease).

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Wales Cystoscope

In January 2020, the Didusch Center for Urologic History installed the newly-acquired Wales Cystoscope in the museum. This early and rare scope is unique in that it had an American inventor and was simple in design and cheap to produce.

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The Plague Doctor

Infectious diseases have tormented human civilizations for thousands of years and caused widespread devastation of entire communities. We hope we are better prepared in 2020. Nevertheless, the hazmat-esque suit worn by the COVID-19 healthcare worker is certainly reminiscent of the dramatic head-to-toe coverings worn by the Plague Doctor of the 17th century.

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Urology and COVID-19

I think this will serve to bring us even closer together for the missions that we have of patient care and of teaching and research… It is bringing people together. – John Denstedt, MD

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Retrospectroscope Award

The Earl Nation Retrospectroscope Award was established in 2006 to foster urologic history at the annual Forum on the History of Urology. The AUA History Committee determines the winner of the best paper/presentation following the Forum.

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The WPD Art & History Award

The AUA William P. Didusch Art and History Award may be presented annually to recognize contributions to urological art (e.g. illustrations, sculpture, still photography, motion pictures) or lifetime contributions to the history of urology. See the 2020 Winner!

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