AUA Summit - The Scope of Urology Newsletter - Spring 2021

The Scope of Urology Newsletter - Spring 2021

The Urologist Who Saved Buffalo, NY

In the era of COVID-19, quarantines, and disinfection, it is timely to remember Dr. Walter D. Greene. Greene was an early professor in GU Diseases at the University of Buffalo, whose contributions extended beyond the treatment of urologic conditions. Dr. Greene helped to control outbreaks of multiple communicable diseases and established strict measures of control emulated across the country.

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The Shot Fired in Buffalo

The 1901 Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, was the site of another event in medical history: the assassination of United States President William McKinley.

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A Truth Stranger Than Fiction

The Life and Times of Dr. George Emery Goodfellow Part 2

After leaving the bravado of gunfights behind him in the early 1900s, Dr. George Goodfellow brought the same pioneering spirit to defining himself and a surgical field that was in its infancy – urology – and centered his work on prostatic disease, which was then in the limelight of the surgical theater.

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Resident's Corner

U.S. Army Brothels

Did you know that the US Army dabbled in the brothel business? It’s true! In every American war, rampant spread of sexually transmitted infection (STI) is documented (back then called venereal disease or VD). Traditionally the disease was responsible for a significant loss of manpower.

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Behind the Scenes

Spring into the Resource Room!

Go behind the scenes in the WP Didusch Center for Urologic History Resource Room!

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Edward J. McGuire (1940-2021)

Edward J. McGuire, M.D. was a world-renowned innovative surgeon who touched innumerable lives of patients, learners, and colleagues. He understood clinical problems from the deep complexity of the science behind them to the practical needs, co-morbidities, and social determinants of each patient he cared for – and he cared for each one well.

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