AUA Summit - Designing the Ins and Outs of Sexual Health Exhibit

Designing the Ins and Outs of Sexual Health Exhibit

Talking with the 2022 curators, Irwin and Sue Goldstein, it became clear that the Sexual Revolution of the 60s and 70s sparked a new interest in sex research. We made mood boards from that time and noticed the many graphic illustrations, reminding us of today’s use of icons to illustrate feeling and emotions.

One of the designers played around with Keith Haring-type designs: We all loved the cystoscope/penis icons; the figures were judged a bit too derivative.

All designers tried their hands at creating sexual medicine-specific icons. We loved them.

Curators and staff eventually agreed on a title: Ins and Outs of Sexual Health, and logo design began:

We liked the (not very) hidden penises, but women – a large part of this exhibit – were not represented: They are now.

We agreed that sex is COLORFUL and that Michelle, who runs the Museum Store, would demand bright colors and bold icons.

Graphic Lead Jennifer Kennedy tried to lay out a booth design that reflected the title AND had space for the different topics we hoped to include.

Join us at AUA History Booth #637 to see the final result – we can’t wait!

Ashleigh Kilgour
Zachary Post
Jennifer Kennedy