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Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2024

Onward and Upward: Celebrating Black Urologists in America

This historical exhibit spotlights the contributions of Black urologists to medicine despite the obstacles built by systemic racism in America. From exclusion to segregation to present-day micro-aggressions and cultural insensitivity, Onward and Upward: Celebrating Black Urologists in America highlights the past, present and future of what it means to be a Black urologist in the United States. Join us in examining a difficult past to help build a more integrated future with better outcomes for physicians and their patients.

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Battlefield Urology

"Battlefield Urology" explores lessons learned from wartime urological injury and disease over the ages. It appreciates the urologists, trauma surgeons and allied health professionals who have contributed to the current state-of-the-art care, not just for military urological injury and disease, but for urologic patients everywhere.

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Ins & Outs of Sexual Health

Sex has traditionally been stigmatized in medicine and medical research over the years. Some early attempts to treat sexual dysfunction may have embarrassed the medical establishment, as evidence-based medicine debunked questionable research and treatments. Nevertheless, there has been a huge evolution in sexual medicine in the last 50 years. Supported by the American Urological Association, urologists have led that progress by approaching sexual dysfunction in both men and women as a medical condition that can be scientifically researched and treated.

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Annual Meeting 2019

History through Medical Museums

Medical museums preserve those artifacts that reflect the humans who devised them and the society in which they existed; museums make that information accessible to curious seekers who want to understand the big picture, to become the best physicians, writers, thinkers, and even HUMANS that they can be. Be the best.

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Annual Meeting 2018

Erecting Giants

"Giants" of medicine are those men and women who add great, important and unusual contributions to our specialty. They are often erected from elements of life that include education, mentors, research, teaching, training, exploration and risk. Such giants inspire us to contemplate our own achievements and ask, "What can I do to build the giant in me?"

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Annual Meeting 2017

Renal Retrospective

The kidney is the organ that rather defines urologists and centers them on the entire genito-urinary system. Learning about its rich history is a fascinating and important lesson for urologists.

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Annual Meeting 2016

Doctor & Detective

Inspection, palpation, auscultation and percussion are the hallmark features of the classic physical examination and highlight the physician's use of his or her senses. All of the senses, including taste and smell, have been used for medical diagnosis at some point in history and form the basis for the development of instruments used to diagnose patients' ailments.

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Annual Meeting 2015

Extreme Urology

Like Dr. Wirt Dakin in 1947 when he shared patients' stories in his infamous Urological Oddities, we hope you find the stories contained here educational, as well as interesting. Urologists are in a unique position to hear the most intimate and private stories from their patients. Perhaps the stories told here provide an opportunity to challenge unexamined beliefs.

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Annual Meeting 2014

Knowledge Unbound

In the history of medicine, there are recognized giants – Hippocrates, Claudius Galen, Andreas Vesalius, William Harvey, Joseph Lister – whose contributions have added to our universe of knowledge and understanding. This legacy of knowledge underpinning our modern understanding of health and disease is the subject of the William P. Didusch Center's 2014 history exhibit, Knowledge Unbound: Literature of Medicine.

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Annual Meeting 2013

Milestones in Urolithiasis

For millennia, depending on where they were located, urinary tract stones have been a pain in the back, flank, groin, or pelvis. The American Urological Association's 2013 exhibit, Milestones in Urolithiasis, explores the fascinating history of urinary stone disease. From the writings of Aristotle to modern day medicine, to stones in humans, animals and even plants, this exhibition features a collection of stones and instruments from around the world. The exhibit will make you wonder, "How did this stone form in the bladder or kidney?"

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Annual Meeting 2012

Skeletons in the Closet

This exhibit shares practices and experiments we now consider controversial and, in some cases, horrific. Many of the dark tales told herein led to new insight into diseases and paved the way to more stringent standards for clinical research and protections for patients. These accounts raise questions of context – some practices were, at the time, widely accepted. Nevertheless, we judge yesterday's tragedies by today's standards. Medicine has, in the wake of progress, left scars that cannot be denied.

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Annual Meeting 2011

Chief Complaints

The lives of even the healthiest among us are marked by periodic sickness. Though the severity, duration and effect of illness vary greatly from disease to disease and from person to person, the impact on lives and families, even colleagues at work, can be extensive. In the case of our country's presidents, health becomes an issue of paramount importance as it may affect the course of politics in the United States and have a significant impact on political events around the world.

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Annual Meeting 2010

Current Medicine

Fundamental not just to lifestyle, but to life itself, electricity is present throughout our world – from the magnetic fields of our cosmos to the very nerve impulses that power our bodies at the cellular level. Electricity pervades every part of our daily lives, putting light at our fingertips, allowing us to communicate across long distances on demand and changing the way we, as physicians, diagnose and treat our patients.

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Annual Meeting Exhibit 2009

Remedies and Recipes

This exhibit originally debuted at the 2009 AUA Annual Scientific Meeting in Chicago, IL.

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Annual Meeting 2008

Plagues and Pestilence

This exhibit originally debuted at the 2008 AUA Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando, FL.

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Annual Meeting 2007

Women Healers

This exhibit originally debuted at the 2007 AUA Annual Scientific Meeting in Anaheim, CA.

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Annual Meeting 2006


This exhibit originally debuted at the 2006 AUA Annual Scientific Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. It is on display at the AUA headquarters building, just outside of Baltimore.

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Annual Meeting 2005

Civil War Medicine

This exhibit originally debuted at the 2005 AUA Annual Scientific Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

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Annual Meeting 2004

Fad, Fraud, Future?

For hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of years, charlatans and frauds have preyed on the vulnerable, whether seeking wealth or a cure to a debilitating physical condition. Poverty and pain can send people to great lengths in trying to eliminate these maladies, sometimes at the expense of their own lives.

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